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Backend Developer

Here are two basic tasks that all our backend developers go through as part of their recruitment process. We're looking for clean and simple solutions to these problems.

Don't spend more than 2 hours on these tasks. Even if you're not done. Publish solutions on GitHub, Bitbucket or any other public repository and send the link to

Task 1 (1 hour)

Use any public API ( to obtain some data. In this task we want you to create a simple wrapper written in C# and .NET for a web service endpoint. 

Example request:

Task 2 (30 minutes)

Do you see any improvements that could’ve been done to the code attached? If you do, take some notes on how you would refactor, clean it up and make, the code more maintanble  (the code won’t compile – this is more a mental exercise).

We know that the attached code is written in web forms. None of our projects are using web forms any more (and haven't for many years). This is just to have some old legacy code to refactor and talk about improvements.