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Building an online store for Varner Ibrahimović

There has rarely been such great international interest around the launch of a Nordic online store. However, it is not every day that Zlatan Ibrahimović is launching his own clothing line. Geta has played a central role in multiple parts of the project.

The Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimović launched his online store in collaboration with the major Norwegian fashion group Varner,

The launch on 7 June, 2016 was a great success. However, this was not a given. There were several factors that made for high complexities and an intensive testing process:

  • The online store was being launched in 11 different countries simultaneously, with different languages and currencies. In addition to this there was a seperate international version for the rest of the world.
  • Payment and delivery options had to be adapted to each market.
  • The online store was to work just as well across devices. ( mobile, tablet and desktop )
  • Due to Zlatans immense popularity and the massive PR and marketing campaigns through social and traditional media, the traffic to the online store was most likely going to be very high from day one.

Varner's own digital department, Varner Digital Media, worked together with the hired developers from Geta, Episerver and other external partners such as Yrki and Kobra. They developed the online store which is built on the Episerver Commerce and inRiver PIM platforms. Geta has played a central role in various parts of the project, in which we have had the main responsibility for the Klarna checkout module, which allows the orders to be generated and processed in line.

Experienced developers reduce risks

One of the great people involved in the project was our own senior consultant and developer Mari Jørgensen. She has worked with many large Episerver projects, including online shops for other Varner brands such as Dressmann and Cubus.

Having worked closely together with Varner for several years was an important reason why the launch of went so well, says Mari.

-Varner Has a digital department with a lot of experience, which gave us great confidence before and during the project. The risk would have been much greater if this was the first time we developed an online store together, says Mari Jørgensen.

Even though the various Varner stores are build on the same technical platform and all online stores are built to withstand a lot of traffic, you still have to first use a "service bus" solution. This is to ensure maximum performance when thousands of Zlatan fans going into the store at the same time.

“Even with solid experience in Episerver Commerce and several online stores on your resume, the launch of was a special challenge” says Jørgensen. - Launching in 11 markets simultaneously combined with the massive number of visitors was probably what distinguishes this project from many others. A challenge we were able to handle and execute as a team.

Mari and all the others involved in the project are able breath again and look back on a successful launch. The breather will only be short though. After all A-Z is on its way to become a global brand.