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Fullstack developer, architect and advisor

Frederik Vig


Frederik is the co-founder of Geta.

He has coded since his teens, and love to develop both computer systems and people. He knows that knowledge grows when shared. It's one of the reasons he is chosen as the contributor in Episerver several years, and has been awarded Episerver Most Valued Professional.
He also titled "Oracle" on Episerver's "Community Recognition Program" as one of three in the world.
Check his profile here on Episerver World.

Recognition of the academic community are good, but Frederik is also a man of the people.

He has started the free event Episerver Meetup in Oslo, where all developers in the industry are welcome to chat and share experiences over a beer and pizza.

Frederik also founded Episerver user group in Norway, with over 180 members.

He is one of the founders of Geta, and is often used as a technical advisor for customers, partners and community.