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404 handler for CMS 11 is out

Maris Krivtezs

This is the 404 handler's first release after Geta took over the project ownership. We have published two versions of the package - for CMS 10 and CMS 11.

Release Notes

- Added CMS 11 support.
- Dropped CMS 8 and CMS 9 support as it became too complicated to maintain those.
- Fix for the concurrency error #21.
- Removed upgrade of the database for the legacy custom redirects.


You can install the new package from the Package Manager Console using Episerver NuGet Feed.

For CMS 10:

Install-Package BVN.404Handler -Version 10.2.0

For CMS 11:

Install-Package BVN.404Handler -Version 11.0.0

Documentation and source code

Source code and documentation available on GitHub.
You can report issues on GitHub.

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Maris Krivtezs

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