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The latest version 1.4 is compiled for .NET 4 and EPiServer 7. It will use  the legacy editor to render the property in edit mode.

To add oEmbed as a new property to your page types you need to use the UIHint attribute like in this example:

[UIHint("oEmbed object")]
public virtual oEmbedOptions Embed { get; set; }

To use the dynamic content plugin, you need to register it in your sites episerver.config file

<add description="Displays an oEmbed object on the page" name="oEmbedPlugin" type="Geta.oEmbed.DynamicContent.oEmbedPlugin, Geta.oEmbed" />

HTTPS support: In order to use secured protocol you need to enable it in oEmbed settings by adding secure="true" key. Only payed plans support SSL, otherwise you will have HTTP Status: 400 error.

You can install the latest using NuGet from

You need an API key from to use oEmbed. There's a free plan supported that supports upto 10 000 URLs each month (as well as paid plans with more options and support).

in Web.config:

<section name="oEmbedSettings" type="Geta.oEmbed.Configuration.oEmbedSettings, Geta.oEmbed"/>
<oEmbedSettings apikey="your-key-here" />

For an introduction see: Introducing oEmbed for EPiServer and Geta.oEmbed version 1.2 is out.