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Integrations & implementation, Retail, Digital commerce, Project Management, Loyalty, Business Consulting

Jon-Erik Hammer


Jon-Erik has 25 years experience from the retail industry, both from grocery stores to specialist retailers (electronics and textile) and from the consulting and development side of the retail business.

For the last 11 years Jon-Erik has worked as both a senior advisor, Project Manager and Product Manager at Lindbak Retail Systems with some of the largest retailers in Norway and Sweden before joining Geta as an Advisor.
Jon-Erik has worked with solution architecure,  product development, e-commerce implementation and integrations among other things.
He also has a good business understaning and has led and contributed in both smaller and larger implementation and developent projects for small and large customers. 

In his spare time he is either in the forest or in the mountains with his wife and dog if not relaxing on the couch.