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C #, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, HTML, CSS, Less, JavaScript (jQuery, Knockoutjs, Type Script), SQL Server, Oracle and MongoDB. Also has experience with Amazon web services.

Kai-Rune Slettemoen

Team Leader and IT Manager

Kai-Rune is both Frontend and Backend Developer.

He has worked with system development and system design since 1995, in both large and small projects. He has been the architect responsible for several of these projects, and has worked extensively with databases and database modeling. He has extensive experience in both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and speak both PL / SQL and T-SQL.

Given that he has worked as a database administrator and developer, he has very good understanding of application design and interaction between applications.

In  the recent years he has worked mainly as a solution architect and product development on the Microsoft platform (Microsoft NET and MS SQL Server). The applications that have been developed are often driven database with web interface. In several of these projects Kai-Rune been central to efforts to define and set up guidelines for other developers.

He has also been responsible for the development and management of multiple production on solutions and was the founder of CMS OXX.