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Norrøna opens new B2B online store

Norrøna is launching a new online store for its distributors in collaboration with Geta. By placing increased focus on making the purchasing processes in the B2B market more efficient, Geta predicts growth in the corporate market going forward.

Emphasis has long been placed on finding effective digital store solutions for the consumer market, but in the B2B market this development has been somewhat slower.

Geta has supplied online store solutions to many of the country’s largest chains. Geta, which has supplied B2B online stores to Blomsterringen, Felleskjøpet and Saferoad, is now also experiencing an increased demand for online solutions targeted towards the corporate market. Sports chain Norrøna has now also obtained a new, advanced online solution, that will make sales of the chain’s products to distributors more effective, and similar stores may be forthcoming in the times ahead.

André Brynildsen, General Manager at Geta, believes that the market is now facing a change, with more and more stores exchanging their own systems based on dedicated ERP systems for more advanced solutions specially adapted to online purchasing.

“An ERP system can't solve everything. It is important to have an e-commerce platform that is able to meet e-commerce needs. We expect an increased demand for advanced B2B solutions going forward, since companies are increasingly focused on making the purchasing process more efficient.”

Norrøna have now launched a new B2B solution for all distributors internationally, but they have not created an online solution full of advanced functions that users seldom need. On the contrary, the focus has been on simplifying customers’ everyday activities.

“The central point to Norrøna’s solution is that purchasing should be quick and easy,” says Brynildsen.

This can be as simple as giving users the ability to purchase goods without the use of a mouse, instead moving easily around the site using the tab key, or carrying out tasks using the enter key. Brynildsen also highlights the complex, personalised price calculations for each distributor, where discounts are affected by many different parameters – and each customer has a limit regarding the number of products they are able to purchase, based on previous estimates specified prior to the season (pre-order).

Norrøna uses Episerver as the platform for both its online store for the consumer market, and now also for distributors. Geta also took over responsibility for in connection with the establishment of Norrøna’s new B2B online store.

Foto: Sverre Hjørnevik