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Design & User Experiences

Get a design tailored exactly for your brand which sells better.

When we work with design and user experiences, we focus on creating a holistic experience for your customers. We focus on design that strengthens your brand and clarifies who you are and what you stand for. The online store should not be "yet another online store", but an online store with the ability to stand out in an increasingly tough market. All of these aspects result in a design that looks good and sells well. Design is for us a tool that we can use to help your customers reach the goals you desire in the best possible way. What's best for your customers is also what’s best for you.

Geta has had 100% focus on digital commerce for many years and has experience from both large and small online ventures, both national and international. We have made online stores that are part of the retail chain business and we have made pure online stores. We provide solutions for B2C and B2B, and often combinations of these. Our experience in digital commerce over many years has given us a unique expertise to understand the complexity of our customers' challenges. We often know what kind of solution you can work with in different parts of the solution; We know what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge is converted into a design that delivers.

At Geta, designers sits together and spar with specialists from several areas of our organization - be it developers, advisors, marketers or testers. This means that our design includes aspects from several areas that benefit you directly. Our designers take implementation into account together with developers. They follow upcoming trends and are not afraid to think outside the box, they work closely with Geta's advisors. Together with our marketers, we analyze the design from a conversion perspective and, together with Geta's testers, we are continuously improving the design. You simply get a design that looks better and sells better than if we had been a pure design agency.

When we embark on major changes, redesigns, new page types or functionality, we set up prototypes that make it easy and fast to go from idea to reality. Our marketers recommends that the prototype to be tested in a user test. This provides quick results right from the target audience, which can give significant savings on changes that might have been made later in the process to deliver the desired result. As mentioned above, it's not just about making the online store pretty, but about helping customers reach goals. And who knows better what works for your customers than your target audience?

We help you with design

User Experience

Without a great user experience, you will not stick out in the vast amount of national and international online stores. Through our dedicated designers, we help you with interaction design, graphic design, and user experiences that make your customers return. Over and over.

Insight & Analysis

Our designers are good at understanding your brand, evaluating the graphical elements and complementing an existing graphic profile. We know what is needed and we assist in the process of achieving a digital graphic profile. This means that you get important advice about today's design and the way you are going.


Our process contains several stages that result in a design that factors in several areas both behind and in the design itself. We work closely with marketers to safeguard areas such as CRO and SEO, and with developers to ensure that the design can be implemented as well as possible.

Right focus

100% focus on e-commerce makes our designers experts in design for e-commerce. If you work with us, you work with designers who take into account conversion and customer demand. Based on experience, they also know what works for pages like the shopping cart, my account and the checkout.

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