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What are you going to do with a fantastic solution if nobody can find it?

Proper marketing can be crucial to the success of an online store. In today's digital world, there's constantly evolving new shifts, trends and areas within marketing. New channels are constantly evolving, new ways to share content appear, new services are developed, and e-commerce features come and go, while search engines are constantly updating the algorithms. Todays winner formula  suddenly turns obsolote tomorrow.

When you get help from a marketer at Geta, you get help from someone who sees the whole picture, not just their own field of expertise. Our marketers are part of our e-commerce specialist community, and work with our developers, advisors, project managers and designers who are always working on developing a new e-commerce solution. Regardless of whether we're working with analysis, CRO, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, user testing or anything else, we're always working tailored for your specific solution. We are primarily e-commerce professionals, so we understand the solution and have direct access to resources that can confirm or debunk theories straight away, without you having to stand as intermediaries. This way you can do what you do best, and we can use our time doing what we do best: making you better.

Our marketing services


We perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in order to uncover opportunities for optimization in your online store. With the help of A/B testing, we can with certainty determine what opportunities you should go for, as well as which ones you might want to steer clear of.


Well written, high quality content is the key to creating interest in all channels and to drive traffic to your site. This type of content must also be present on your site to increase the likelihood that visitors stay and convert on the site.


Search engine optimization is for us the work of increasing the proportion of relevant organic traffic. We do this by ensuring that you meet the right seekers, with the right content, in the right parts of the customer journey. This way the conversion rate will point, while the bounce rate points down.


By using search engine marketing, you can get your messages out there, in relevant search results in the search engines, or on relevant web pages. Our focus is to always cut costs and increase conversions by optimizing ads on a continuous basis.


Email is important. Each email that goes out during and after a purchase corresponds to the service you would have received in a physical store. The newsletter that was sent yesterday might determine if a customer visits you today. Get a good strategy in place today and take full advantage of your emails.

Social Media

Get more engaged followers, who consider you awesome brand they want to know more about. Provide great customer service directly to your customers and update your followers on the latest in your online store. Social media is a important channel for creating loyal and engaged customers.

User Testing

It may sometimes be difficult to find problems and opportunities on a website, or maybe it's a bit too easy because you only see what you know or want. Using user testing, you can reveal real errors, shortcomings or opportunities on your site, viewed from the perspective of your target audience.



To know where to go and how to get there, you must know where you are today. An analysis of sales, visitors, traffic, channels, or the entire online store can reveal opportunities for the way forward that has not been thought of. We can help you analyze your online store and are certified in Google Analytics. 

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Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani