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Stop fumbling in the dark. Make decisions based on documented insight.

It’s easy to forget about conducting analyzes of a site. Some enable Google Analytics and has a look inside from time to time. Others doesn’t even set it up at all. By conducting quantitative analyzes, you get documented recommendations of measures that can help you with the next step. Your traffic gives an indication of how your website performs in a given period, usually compared to another. The reasons for a fluctuation in traffic can be many. Perhaps you have had a campaign, maybe you have not sent out newsletters in a while, maybe you have published a lot in social media or maybe your site isn’t search engine optimized. Whatever the reason, it's important to understand both that the fluctuation is happening and why it happens. In this way, it is possible to go from operating responsively, to operate proactively, with insights that are worth gold.

We can help you on your way by setting up an interactive dashboard that gives you all the important insights in an intuitive and tidy way. You can easily see key figures for a desired time period, and if it’s needed we’ll be available for guidance and advices. In addition, we can conduct both comprehensive and limited, focused analyzes of your website. If you're missing setup or a good data collection structure in Google Analytics, one of our Google Certified-marketers can set this up for you.

How we work with analysis:


We collect the necessary information and access in order to set up a report.

Analysis setup

Once we have all the information available, we start setting up the analysis.

Interactive dashboard

Our analysis is delivered in the form of an interactive dashboard, containing all important KPIs.


If desired, we can advise and make recommendations, otherwise you will have everything you need.

Let us help you with analysis.

Whether you want to talk marketing over a cup of coffee, or get the insight

you need, we'll be ready.

Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani