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Lay the foundation for successful marketing across all channels, by creating engaging, relevant and interesting content.

In today's market, there are always someone who can offer your customers the same as you. Content marketing in various channels helps your potential customers see who you are, in addition to your products. That makes you stand out. You’re not just another business one can buy from. You will be the company from which you can buy it from.

The basis for a good strategy in all channels, including social media, search engines or email, is good quality content. A well-written article can attract more from social media. The correct quality image will appear for more on Google Image Search. The percentage that will tap the link to your website in a newsletter is low, if you do not have engaging content that fits the different steps of the customer journey. By working on building high quality content, we create the element that attracts potential customers. That way we lay the foundation for further marketing. You can scream as much as you want, but if what you scream is not relevant or interesting to others, no one will be listening.

If you want to appear high on Google’s organic listing for your main product, you must have the right content in place. If you do not have an article or landing page that has the right amount of content, and well-written with search engine optimization in mind, your site will not be showing high up when someone searches for the product. The content must be relevant and interesting. Do not just tell the story of the product, but also the story around the product.

We all know McDonalds: an American fast food company that sells hamburgers at a reasonable price. This perception of the company is what McDonalds is working to change in Norway, using content marketing. If you visit their Norwegian site at the time of writing, you can read about the food's sustainability, quality and safety. Now the focus is on Norwegian farmers, organic food and local ingredients. GoPro sells sports cameras, just like their competitors Nikon and Olympus. While their competitors focus on telling the story of the camera, GoPro focuses on telling the story around the camera. You see videos that make your heart skip a beat on social media and YouTube. Buying a GoPro camera, is buying the experience, not just the ability to take pictures with a sports camera. If you eat a hamburger from McDonald's, not only do you eat a regular hamburger, but 100% Norwegian beef, salad from Bama and fries grown in Eidsvoll and cooked in Tønsberg.

Whether you want to go out wide with your story or just create content that attracts the right attention to the right product, we know how to get there.

How we work with content:


To understand your website properly, we analyze current content and visitors.


The analysis reveals the basis for a content strategy. What kind of content should be shared where?


Proper content is the key. We manufacture all or part of the content to be published.


There is still improvement potential. That's why we help you with A/B tests and ongoing optimization.

Let us help you with content.

Whether you want to talk marketing over a cup of coffee or get tailor

made content for your customers, we'll be ready.

Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani