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Maximize the return of each dollar spent on marketing with conversion rate optimization.

The conversion rate may be the most important KPI for your online venture. It shows us the share of your visitors that actually converts on your site. This conversion rate is said to be on average around 2% across businesses, industries and land borders. This tells us 98% of all visitors leaves a website without converting. All too often, we are working to increase traffic to our site by spreading our messages in social media, promoting in Google Ads, or by optimizing our pages for organic search. But do we actually see maximum ROI when we could increase the conversion rate before we increased traffic?

Conversion rate optimization is a process that focuses on the relationship between the percentage that converts and the percentage that does not convert. With a quantitative approach, we work to improve the site and its content, so that the proportion that converts increases. A qualitative approach aims to enhance the quality of conversions. Meaning each conversion is worth more and returning customers. If we have done this first, the return on the market budget will increase significantly, regardless of whether we increase the budget or continue as before. If we look strategically on the big picture, conversion rate optimization is something that should be present from before launch (before the website is marketed), but also on a regular basis (while the website is marketed).

How we work with CRO:


We set up a funnel based on your pages and carry out a detailed analysis.


The analysis gives us clear hypotheses about changes that will increase conversion.


The hypotheses are tested against today's solution. Either as A/B tests or multivariate tests.


The tests reveal which hypotheses are correct. These are converted into concrete measures.

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