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We will help you with a strategy that will make you awesome at email.

It is important to have a planned structure regarding emails for an online store. Although we are visible on multiple channels and provide great service on Facebook, this has nothing to say if the emails sent out are badly written, lack information or not being sent. The emails one receives when shopping is the only guaranteed interaction a customer has with you during a purchase. Good and bad news related to a purchase is communicated through email. Good online service is to present the right information, at the right time, directly to the customer.

When we use email for marketing, the focus is mainly about getting a customer from one step in the sales funnel to a another. By setting up automated emails that goes out at the right intervals, with the right content, you are guaranteed a "top of mind" position with the customer. We also help you go straight to the point by creating the right e-mails for the right steps that motivate customers to buy, but that also appeal to customers who are already motivated. If a campaign appears along the way, which was not planned, that's not a problem. When everything else is planned and under control, it’s not difficult to squeeze in a newsletter that needs to get out.

We see the big picture when we put together your strategy. We think about emails that should be sent during purchase, shipping, return, after purchase, campaigns, as well as planned and unplanned downtime. We set up "flows" that explain the lifespan of a customer, told by email. The truth is that we check our email several times daily. We would like to hear from the brands we adore. Email is a tool for providing service, but also for marketing effectively. We help you send the right emails at the right time that your customers will love.

How we work with email:


Necessary accounts, tracking and layouts are set up.


A strategy for manual and automatic emails is worked out.


Content is put together and manual emails are being sent.


We conduct A/B-tests of content and sending times to make you better.

Let us help you with email.

Whether you want to talk marketing over a cup of coffee, or get your first

email out there, we will be ready.

Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani