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We help you obtain top ranking in search engines.

SEM, or "search engine marketing", is a highly targeted and measurable form of marketing in the webshop's main channel, namely the search engine. Search engines are the most important tool for potential customers in multiple stages of the customer journey. We use search engines to define our problem, find solutions, compare offers, and read about others experiences. With Google Shopping, which appears as a marketplace with advertiser products, we also decide which product to buy in the search engine. Here we can get our message at the very top of the search results, in all parts of the customer journey. We choose when the ad will appear, both with regard to whom, when and how often. The ads can be adjusted and optimized continuously so that we always have our best, updated version available.

The most common ad platform used for SEM is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), as more than 90% of all searchers in the world prefer Google over other search engines to answer their questions. By advertising in Google Ads, we will show text ads at the top of Google search results. We can also display image ads on the majority of websites and apps that's out there. By using the Google Display Network, we actually reach 90% of internet users. Although Google is obviously the biggest and most important search engine, we can also help you with Bing Ads, which will be visible in the same way, but in Bing search. Of course, the competition is significantly lower in Bing than Google, which often means that the cost is also lower. Here you can find bargains for serving ads if parts of your target audience use Bing, rather than Google.

Whichever search engine you wish to advertise in, advertising in search engines builds on the PPC (pay per click) model. Thus: you only pay for searchers who actually click on your ad. If an ad appears relies on several factors: Which price you are willing to pay is of course important, but usually not the deciding factor. As with SEO (search engine optimization), quality is one of the most important factors. Both on the actual ad, but also on the landing page the ad points to. Previous click through rates and ad relevance to the search are also important factors.

We believe in building campaigns strategically over time. This to ensure that we drive down costs and increase conversion rate. The campaigns should be set up, formulated and optimized so that they meet the right applicants, with the right keywords, and send them to the right pages.

How we work with SEM:


In order to understand how your site will be best marketed in search engines, we conduct analyzes that reveal your opportunities.


Haven’ t you done this before? Don’t worry. We’ll set up all necessary accounts, tracking, product feeds and promotions for you.


Campaigns must be operated and bids must be adjusted. We take care of everything and report, so you can focus on what you do best.


The process is not static. Campaigns and keywords can always be improved. Continuous monitoring and A/B-testing makes you even better.

Let us help you with SEM.

Whether you want to talk marketing over a cup of coffee,

or get started with your first campaign in Google Ads, we'll be ready.

Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani