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User Testing

Let us find problems and opportunities visitors actually encounter on your site.

When we work on a site, we can quickly get into a "bubble" where we can’t see the site with "fresh eyes". Old problems repeat themselves, the same opportunities are discussed time and time again, and we may miss far more important areas that could give us a greater return on our investment. With a user test, you get a deep dive into how your target audience interacts with your site. Perhaps they are bothered by problems you haven’t noticed, or maybe they miss something you have not thought about.

We conduct qualitative user tests only with the right users. Whether you have a clear target audience in mind, or if we help you define them, the testers are only people who meet your demographic and technological requirements. This way we ensure that the results are based on the right visitors, which in turn gives the right results.

How we work with user testing:


A qualitative user test is set up and carried out, with users based on your demographic and technological requirements.




The user test gives us an understanding of where there is friction and possibilities, which can be found in specific hypotheses.


The hypothesis are A/B-tested, to know exactly which changes you should implement and which you should avoid.



A clear and intuitive report gives you insight into the behavior of users, as well as hypotheses and results from the A/B-tests.

Let us help you with user testing.

Whether you want to talk marketing over a cup of coffee, or get started

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Manager, E-com Marketing

Meisem Ramani