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Let Geta Care help you with everything from bug fixes to the management and hosting of your solution.

At Geta you’re never alone. Our management department Geta Care will take care of you over time and ensure you get a living online store that can be scaled to meet your needs. We manage the solution, provide personnel with expertise on your site, and will gladly host it as well if you so wish.

Geta Care becomes your entrance portal to Geta's wide range of specialists. Advisers in Geta Care have easy access to designers, marketers, advisors and developers, all of whom are specialized in different areas. This means that there is always a resource available that is updated on what’s moving in different parts of the industry. Perhaps there is an innovative solution to your problem that you had not thought about. Whether you want to be up to date or be a leader of your industry, we have the skills and the know-how of the industry to know what's needed in the next step.

We have you secured


Geta ensures e-commerce solutions with 24/7 monitoring of performance, scaling and security. We operate the solutions in Azure and in Amazon AWS. We provide automatic scaling, both up and down, to maximize performance and minimize costs.


We are ready to assist and correct errors that may arise. With us, you get dedicated and named developers after projects that are familiar with exactly your solution. With this knowledge in place, we are always ready to answer your inquiries and needs.

Always response

With us, you get a flexible deal that fits just right for your operation. Whether you want answers immediately or on weekdays, we're there when you need it. For example, we can be available and assist within normal working hours. If you want availability 24/7 that’s also on the table.

E-commerce Management

We are e-commerce professionals first. With our experience and expertise in both e-commerce and marketing, we can run your online store for a short or long term. Episerver CMS is in your fingers, and areas such as CRO and SEO are being taken care of continuously as we work.

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