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Modular and flexible solution

Geta Commerce for Episerver (Optimizely) is a complete e-commerce solution built with Episerver's framework, with plenty of functionality and ready-made integrations, which accelerates the entire project and gives your business many benefits.

Building an e-commerce solution from the ground up can be a long and complex process, as every page type, block and integrations has to be developed.

That is why we have gathered all our experience into Geta Commerce for Episerver. Geta have always developed modules and integrations for Episerver. One example is Klarna Checkout. A few years back we gathered this in a starter package, built on Episerver CMS, Commerce and Find, supporting both B2B and B2C businesses.



Shorter time to market

Our starter kit is an already built starting point with already built functionality and integrations, that will help you accelerate your project. All included functionality works straight out of the box. Whether you are looking for an MVP or a more advanced solution, both the project time and the costs will be considerably reduced. With this starting point you can get started with creating customer value, rather than be stuck discussing technology.

Secure and scalable

Geta Commerce for Episerver is a secure and scalable solution, based on industry-leading platforms, and we have standardized integrations with a number of back office systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.


One of the most important success factors in Geta Commerce for Episerver is the face that it is a modular and flexible solution that can easily be scaled up. It is easy to add extra functionality when you need it.

In the end this gives you lower total cost of ownership. Geta Commerce for Episerver is used by many of our customers, and is continuously developed, tested and improved, which benefits all our customers.

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