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Claire Sharp Sundt


Claire has extensive commerce experience from  both B2B and B2C companies and is working at Geta as a Project manager/advisor.  

She has worked in a similar role for the last 10 years with omnichannel sales in the Scandinavian fashion industry, but she has also worked within academic publishing, the medical device industry, online flower delivery, and online magazine subscription/office supplies. She has worked in all size companies, from large multinational organizations to new startups.

Claire is highly solutions-oriented. As Project Manager she has delivered countless websites, together with her teams, on both budget and deadline. In addition to focusing on sales optimisation and customer satisfaction, she has worked with personalisation, CRM systems, order management, customer service and worked both strategically and operationally with every aspect of e-commerce.

Claire also has extensive experience in designing, building and utilizing Product Information Systems, with special focus on understanding which unique attributes customers are looking for..  

In addition of 20 years of experience in ecommerce Claire has a BA in Social Geography, and further education in marketing, strategic leadership, and UX.  She has been an Episerver user/project manager since 2009 and served on the Episerver Customer Advisory Board. She has been a super-user in InRiver since 2013. She has presented papers at diverse e-commerce conferences with a focus on product information system and e-marketing.