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Adjusting widget validation in EPiServer 7.19

Sven-Erik Jonsson

Recently we got stuck, unable to upgrade a solution due to external dependencies. We where then forced to deal with some of the already fixed quirks in EPiServer. One of these is the 7.19 use of dojo 1.8.9, which contains a validation bug for urls.

If an external url is entered containing a '?' the url is immediately disqualified. Since this is kind of core functionality, I felt the urge to correct it.

The problem

Part of the dojo toolkit included in the EPiServer.Shell.UI module is a validation framework located under /ClientResources/dojox/validate. This functionality is used by various widgets inside EPi for validating input. The regexp.js contains an url method that builds a regular expression.

url: function (flags) {
    // summary:
    //		Builds a regular expression that matches a URL
    // flags: Object?
    //		- flags.scheme  Can be true, false, or [true, false].
    //		-   This means: required, not allowed, or match either one.
    //		- flags in can be applied.
    //		- flags in regexp.ipAddress can be applied.

    // assign default values to missing paramters
    flags = (typeof flags == "object") ? flags : {};
    if (!("scheme" in flags)) { flags.scheme = [true, false]; }

    // Scheme RE
    var protocolRE = regexp.buildGroupRE(flags.scheme,
        function (q) { if (q) { return "(https?|ftps?)\\://"; } return ""; }

    // Path and query and anchor RE
    var pathRE = "(/(?:[^?#\\s/]+/)*(?:[^?#\\s/]+(?:\\?[^?#\\s/]*)?(?:#[A-Za-z][\\w.:-]*)?)?)?";

    return protocolRE + + pathRE;

If you look closely the pathRE variable defines a part of the regular expression excluding '?' at the start. This is also addressed as a defect and discussed on the dojo bug list.

The solution

As a part of an earlier blog post by Mattias Olsson he describes how to override a frontend component. It turns out you can override dojo core components too.

First, locate the .uncompressed.js version of regex. Place it under the /ClientResources/ folder, preferably replicating the /dojox/validate/regexp.js path found in

Correct the pathRE expression, I used the corrected one from the dojo ticket.

// Path and query and anchor RE
var pathRE = "(/(?:)*?([^\\s/])([^?#\\s/]+/)*(?:[^?#\\s/]+(?:\\?[^?#\\s/]*)?(?:#[A-Za-z][\\w.:-]*)?)?)?";

Add the script to module.config, empty the browser cache and recycle the site.

    <add name="epi-cms.widgets.base" path="dojox/validate/regexp.js" resourceType="Script" />

Alternatively not having clientresources mapped, the path may have to be replaced with "~/ClientResources/dojox/validate/regexp.js"


After some testing we found out that the solution in the dojo ticket wasn't good enough, we ended up using this instead.

// Path and query and anchor RE
var pathRE = "(/(?:)*?([^\\s/])([^\\s/]+/)*(?:[^\\s/]+(?:\\?[^?#\\s/]*)?(?:#[A-Za-z][\\w.:-]*)?)?)?";

Sven-Erik Jonsson

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