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Content reference selector with direct file upload now available as package

Fredrik Eckmar

Some time ago (in October last year to be exact) I developed an extension to the built-in content selector with support for direct upload.

Content Reference with direct file upload

Read the original blogpost here.

My colleague Mattias Olsson has since packaged it up and  it is available for installation using Episervers NuGet feed.

How to use

You don't need to do anything. It will automatically replace all properties with UIHint.Image and UIHint.MediaFile

public virtual ContentReference MyImage { get; set; }
public virtual ContentReference MyFile { get; set; }


How to install

Install NuGet package (use EPiServer Nuget)

Install-Package Geta.Epi.MediaReferenceSelector

More information

Head over to the project site for more details and the source code.

Get back if you experience any issues etc.


Fredrik Eckmar

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