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Welcome to Geta's blog page. In this blog the Geta team shares the latest news, their experiences and knowledge about the e-commerce industry.

Andris Sarbantovics

Integrating 1Password with Azure AD using Kubernetes

This post gives you a basic guide for integrating Azure AD with your 1Password Business to automate 1Password user management based on your AD. Integration requires deploying service called SCIM bridge, which basically ensures integration of Azure AD with 1Password using SCIM v2 standard (well, apparently that's why it's called bridge). Basic requirements and short tutorial of setup is provided on a 1Password's site so this post will be more like a summary of all the other actions involved to ensure the integration service running. This is more kind of summary about the first experience with the Kubernetes.

Frederik Vig

Simple restocked emails for Episerver Commerce

Allowing customers to subscribe to out of stock email notifications is a great way to create value for your customers and doesn't have to be hard to implement.

Patrick van Kleef

Patrick and Brian speaking at Episerver Partner Close-Up event

Two of Geta's developers, Brian Weeteling and Patrick van Kleef, will talk about how Episerver can be used as a hub for integrating a physical store with an existing digital platform.

Maris Krivtezs

404 handler with performance improvements released

We just released the new version of 404 handler which is hundreds of times faster than previous versions.

Maris Krivtezs

A new version of Geta Tags released

Lately, we have released Geta Tags 4.0.1. The new release has several breaking changes.

Oskar Bull-Hansen

New Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews are rarely a consistent positive experience and as the physical work locations and team structures are becoming more flexible, it might be worth testing out something new.

Frederik Vig

Top five security tips

If you don't secure your online store with an SSL certificate, you may be penalized for your visibility in Google. Here are the tips you need to follow in order to be successful in e-commerce.

Meisem Ramani

Granular data retention controls (Google Analytics)

In this post, I'll be addressing Googles new functionality: [granular] data retention controls. We'll look at what this means for you, in terms of what actions you should take in regards to the change, what data you're collecting and how you're using it and what this has to do with GDPR.

Maris Krivtezs

Bugfixes in 404 handler

In the last months, we have made several improvements in the 404 handler.

Andris Sarbantovics

Setting up SQL server on Docker in Mac OS

In this post I would like to tell about a brief insight of benefits what Docker can provide to you as a .NET stack developer working with SQL Server. Maybe the main focus and excitement this time will be about the new opportunities in local development on Mac OS, nevertheless the good things what Docker can bring to you are more than just that.

Oskar Bull-Hansen

Buddy Recruitment Program

Hiring friends has been a topic that has been discussed a lot, and not everyone's positive to the idea. We've chosen to see for ourselves what it could bring us in the long run.

Maris Krivtezs

New version of 404 handler

We just released a new version of 404 handler which includes several bug fixes. This release also includes refactoring of routing and we added unit tests for the main functionality.

Mattias Olsson

Extending Episerver On Page Editing view

In this blog post I'll show you one way of extending Episerver's On Page Editing view, by automatically setting image caption and alt text properties on a page based on the image content that the editor selects.

Mari Jørgensen

Episerver Commerce Catalog import using Azure Storage and Azure Webjobs

This blog post describes the process of importing an Episerver commerce catalog utilizing Azure tools such as Azure Table Storage, Azure Storage Queues and Azure Webjobs.

Frederik Vig

Add Azure CDN (or any CDN) to your Episerver site

With URL Rewrite rules we can easily add CDN support to any site without having to do any code changes or installing anything extra.

Mattias Olsson

Custom Episerver Commerce Product/Variant router

Just wanted to share a custom Epi Commerce hierarchical router that I'm using in a project where we have a Product -> Variant structure. All variants in the catalog belong to a product and a product can have one or multiple variants.

Maris Krivtezs

404 handler for CMS 11 is out

This is the 404 handler's first release after Geta took over the project ownership. We have published two versions of the package - for CMS 10 and CMS 11.

Frederik Vig

Extensions, Sitemap and Tags packages updated for Episerver 11

The Geta extensions, sitemaps and tags packages have been updated.

Oskar Bull-Hansen

What we learned at HR Tech World

At Geta, we get to go to conferences. And whenever a company invests in employees, it's a point for me to show some kind of return on that investment. So companies keep investing. Here's what I learned and Geta's ROI.

Mari Jørgensen

Trouble loading Episerver Find UI

Recently I came across a strange error where the Find UI inside Episerver CMS failed to load. All of the three menu items returned a "Error reading configuration" error message. This is a (really) short blog post describing how this issue can be resolved.

Fredrik Eckmar

New version of FontThumbnail

Earlier this year I released a package that is used for generating preview images for the different contenttypes in your Episerver solution, using an override to the built-in "ImageUrlAttribute" that you can decorate your content types with.

Mattias Olsson

Introducing: New tool to easily index your content in Episerver Find

Have you ever wanted to index a content item in Find without having to publish a meaningless change to it? Or index an entire content tree from a specific starting point? Maybe you want to force an item into the index even though it's excluded by conventions? Just install Geta.Epi.IndexContentInFind package and it will be easy to do just that.

Geta has once again won the title "inRiver Partner of the Year 2016"

Just before Easter, we attended the inRivers conference "PIMpoint Summit 2017" in Copenhagen, and we are pleased to announce that we have once again won the title "InRiver Partner of the Year Norway".

Fredrik Eckmar

Replacing built-in email actor with custom implementation in Episerver Forms

Recently one of our customers experienced an issue with Episerver Forms and the PlaceHolderService (I know it is still in beta, but anyway). The placeholder service is used by the built in Email Actor and is responsible for replacing tokens in the subject, to address and the body of the email that is configured to be sent by the editor.

Maris Krivtezs

Enable Razor views in Episerver modules with Geta.EPi.ShellRazorSupport package

By default, Episerver supports only WebForms views for its modules. We have created a package which adds support for Razor views too.

Mattias Olsson

Unfiltered Episerver content tree

Have you ever needed to browse an unfiltered content tree in Episerver where you can see the global assets, site assets and content assets folders? Then you can install this little package that I created.

D-Congress 2017

On March 9, Svensk Digital Handel arranged D-Congress 2017 in Gothenburg. The conference is a Nordic meeting place for digital commerce.  Geta is a member of Svensk Digital Handel, and was a proud sponsor of D-Congress.

Fredrik Eckmar

Content reference selector with direct file upload now available as package

Some time ago (in October last year to be exact) I developed an extension to the built-in content selector with support for direct upload.

Why is user experience design important?

Why is the user experience so important, and why should your e-commerce store allocate time to focus on this design process?

Mattias Olsson

Introducing Geta.EpiCategories: Categories as localizable IContent

For quite a long time I've been wondering if Episerver is going to do anything about the built-in category functionality. I feel it's pretty outdated and it's not so convenient to edit and localize categories. I guess the teams at Episerver are busy with other, more important stuff, so I decided to create a module. Say hello to Geta.EpiCategories.

Summary of my blog posts

During my journey at Geta I have created seven different blog posts and one thing they all have in common is that they all focus on strategy. Here is a summary of them all with a direct link into each of the singular blog post.

Mattias Olsson

Geta.Epi.Extensions updated with content editor ux helpers

You might already know about our Episerver extensions package, Geta.Epi.Extensions. We have now added a set of extensions and HTML helpers to help improve user experience for content editors. The goal with the helpers is to reduce the need for "All properties view" in the Episerver edit interface.

Fredrik Eckmar

ContentType preview images w. icons

I don't know about you, but at least for me, I rarely create image thumbnails for the different content types in the solutions I am working on. If you are like me, then this package will hopefully give your editors a somewhat more pleasant user experience when creating content.

Pål Christian Odlo

Install multiple instances of inRiver PIM

When you are working on several inRiver PIM projects simultaneously, you find yourself in need of switching between them from time to time. One option is to change the configuration files and restart inRiver services and website. A better option is have multiple instances of inRiver PIM running on the same system. This way you can easily access the desired instance for configurations, developing and demos. This is a walk-through on how to set up multiple instances of inRiver PIM on the same system.

Mattias Olsson

Extend your Episerver content types

Let's say you have developed a site framework that you use on many different sites that contains some content types spread over various assemblies. Sooner or later, on at least one of the sites, you will want to add, hide or modify a property on a specific content type. You could create a new content type that inherits the original and then hide the original. No thanks. Let's do it better than that.


I have been working in the online business for five years and my experience is that it is a process that takes time and a lot of hard work. People sometimes see retail as a much more demanding business than online, but there are similarities.

Do a marketing plan, or fail!

Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. So, how do you create a marketing plan for your online business?

Frederik Vig

Google Product Feed for Episerver

This data feed will allow you to easily share your e-commerce sites product data with Google Shopping and other channels. At Geta we've used it for quite a few 3rd party integrations.

Mari Jørgensen

Searching multiple Find indexes

Recently I helped out investigating an issue where the search result from Find contained non-published and deleted pages. The site in question had a search page that fetched results from two separate Find indexes.

Frederik Vig

Episerver Languages and XLIFF support

The popular Episerver Languages addon has added supported for exporting and importing content using the widely supported XLIFF format.

3 new years resolutions for your ecommerce site in 2017

It is time to start a new and exciting e-commerce year, and hopefully break some records. After a hectic holiday season, why not start the year by doing some technical tiding up? Here are three technical new years resolutions for your e-commerce site to make it more secure, slimmer and more visible.

Mari Jørgensen

Extending the Episerver global menu

Extending the Episerver global menu is easy. You can add menu sections and sub-menu items such as menu sections, drop-downs, URLs and pop-up menu items. In this short blog post I will demonstrate how you can keep your menu context while navigating between several MVC actions.

Third year Gaselle status

Geta has three years in a row been picked out by Dagens Næringsliv to be included in the Gaselle list of aspiring businesses.

Frederik Vig

Import redirects for 404 handler

This is more a reminder for me, but could be useful for others as well. We use the Episerver 404 handler in most if not all of our projects. It does a good job of handling URL redirects and custom 404 pages.

Fredrik Eckmar

Content reference selector with direct file upload

Sometimes when developing Episerver solutions you find the need to extend the behaviour of already existing property editors. In this blog post I will briefly describe how I extended the built-in content selector with direct upload functionality using drag and drop. This way you don’t have to create your "Media"-items before being able to select them. You can just upload them directly to the property editor and they will be added to the assets folder of the content you are working on and selected automatically.

Mattias Olsson

Insert your view engine at correct position

The other day I had to deal with a mysterious error with the Episerver Shell search function. You know the little search icon to the right in the dashboard drop-down menu. When I clicked it nothing happened. I looked at the request in developer toolbar, discovered the exception and this is how I fixed it.

Mari Jørgensen

Episerver Commerce - Retrieving all parent catalog nodes

From time to time I get asked; 'How can I retrieve all parent catalog nodes for a product in Episerver Commerce?' Achieving this using the current version of Episerver commerce API is a bit cumbersome. Luckily Episerver is working on a relation overhaul for the next major version of Commerce, but until then I'll provide some sample code that does the trick.

New EMVP in Geta

It's with great pleasure we now introduce one new EMVP (Episerver Most Valuable Professionals) in Geta, Māris Krivtežs

Maris Krivtezs

Service API for Customers, Carts and Orders released

EPiServer released Service API some time ago but it was missing an API for Customers, Carts and Order. We have now released additional Service API endpoints for this Commerce functionality.

Mattias Olsson

Content area renderer on steroids

This is an example of a custom content area renderer that automatically wraps blocks in container and row <div> tags and also has support for non wrapped hero blocks.

Opens a new office in Amsterdam

Press Release: Geta continues its international expansion within the e-commerce industry and opens up an office in the Netherlands. We expanded with new highly qualified colleagues with extensive experience in the industry.

Episerver Commerce and PIM

When working with advanced e-commerce solutions as a developer or consultant you quickly get introduced to the acronym PIM: Product Information Management. What is it and why would you want one as part of your Episerver e-commerce project?

Geta recognized as inRiver Partner of the Year in Norway

Last week, we attended inRivers conference "PIMpoint Summit 2016" in Malmö, Sweden - and we were recognized as inRiver Partner of the Year in Norway.

Episerver Commerce vs Magento 2

When building a fully customized enterprise level e-commerce solution you have several platforms to choose from. Two good choices are Episerver and Magento, but how do they compare? Here is a high level look at the key differences.

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