Geta Commerce for Optimizely

A robust, modular and flexible e-commerce solution that can be easily scaled

Experience a new world of digital possibilities with Geta Commerce for Optimizely! This is a complete and flexible e-commerce solution built with Optimizely's framework. You can quickly get started with creating engaging content that adds value to your customers, and you are ready for further growth!

Read more about Optimizely and why it is a global market leading platform for digital commerce.

GCO is Built on extensive experience

At Geta, we have over 20 years of broad experience in building e-commerce solutions on Optimizely (formerly Episerver). We have gathered all this knowledge in Geta Commerce for Optimizely.

Our solution is robust and well established, and is optimized for both B2C and B2B. We are proud to work with skilled customers who challenge us every day, where together we have developed solutions that we know will add value!

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GCO gives you Short time to market

Geta Commerce for Optimizely is a ready-made starting point where functionality, blocks and page types are ready.

  • Ready to go design that can be easily adapted
  • Page types, blocks and all standard functionality are already built
  • Built with an integration framework to simplify integration processes
  • You can start directly with building value for the customer, instead of building basic functionality

GCO is Secure and scalable

This is a secure and scalable solution built on leading platforms

  • Powerful solution that can easily be scaled up and adapted to growth and changes
  • Built on long experience, which means that safety and speed have been thoroughly tested and verified
  • Optimal for multiple markets, multiple brands and multiple languages

GCO is Modular and flexible

One of the most important success factors in Geta Commerce for Optimizely is the modular and flexible solution that can be easily expanded. You can simply add functionality when the need arises.

  • A very good editorial experience
  • Built with a focus on design and user experience
  • Built with a focus on tracking and conversions
  • Has a very strong search engine

GCO gives you a Lower total cost

You don’t need to start from scratch. Our platform is used by many of our customers and is continuously developed, updated and tested, which ultimately benefits all of our customers.

  • Fewer hours are required to set up a new solution
  • Continuous updating and further development

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