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Every day we are solving different problems for our customers. Some of the solutions we are transferring from one project to another.

Seeing similarities among problems and understanding unified solutions, we are reusing code more and more. This results in different packages solving specific problems and fulfilling our customer’s needs.

We open source these packages and are listening to our community to collaborate and improve quality together. Geta wants technology and solutions to benefit as many customers and fellow developers as possible.

We are dedicated to continuing to work on our open-source projects.

Our work was rewarded with the award The Modules of the Year at the Norwegian Optimizely Partner Awards 2022. Optimizely said “This award honours both the individuals that create some of the best and most used open source modules, and the company that facilitates and encourages this effort.” 



There are currently 55 open source Geta projects written in TypeScript / JavaScript and C# with a total of more than 170 stars and 14 contributors. Many projects are on top of Optimizely NuGet feed (after official packages).

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