Geta Commerce Cloud

A future-proof headless and cloud based e-commerce solution built on modern microservice architecture

How does it sound to be able to deliver excellent customer experience with a solution that lets you grow your business on an ever evolving platform with near limitless possibilities, all the while reducing your technical debt?

GCC is Scalable and future-proof

GCC combines a composable technology with best of breed third party products ready-to-go with a pre-made headless front-end.

We have created an e-commerce platform that lets you connect or change business systems to fit your organisation's exact business needs when you need them. This makes it scalable and future-proof.

Your re-platforming days are over!


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GCC gives you A flying start

To get you off to a flying start we have created a starting point reflecting a powerful and ready-to-go e-commerce platform

  • Ready made integrations towards recommended business systems
  • Ready to go, but fully customizable design
  • Scalable architecture that can grow with your business needs

GCC includes a Headless starter kit

Using the latest technology we have created a front end with best-practices that is continuously updated as market trends and technology evolves.

  • Best-practice functionality
  • Customize and expand functionality at will
  • Deliver same content to different channels

GCC is Technology and API-first

The platform has built-in performance tracking and support systems. Using an API-first approach and service-delivery through Kubernetes we have built a platform ready for the future.

  • Easily integrate with any system or service
  • Microservice and API-first composable architecture
  • Built in support systems and performance tracking

GCC is Best-of-breed


With the internationally acclaimed Content Management System: Sanity - we have created a user friendly editor experience that puts your (awesome!) content in focus.


Omnium OMS brings an inspiring and modern user experience to the world of order management. Making it possible to bridge the gap between online and in-store commerce and helps retailers create a true omni-channel experience.

Geta Integration Framework

In almost all things we do, integrations are a big part of it. This led us to create a versatile integration framework that brings years of experience in an organized format we use both in GCC, GCO and other projects.

Visual description of GCC


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Best-of-breed e-commerce platforms and the future of composable technology

Geta Commerce Cloud is developed by e-commerce experts. It is optimized for both B2C and B2B, and it gives you an omnichannel-ready e-commerce solution.

The Geta Commerce Cloud product can be separated into 2 parts.

The commerce cloud engine (core product)

  • Cloud-native Microservices and API-first architecture
  • Ready for Headless
  • Integration framework with ready made connectors
  • Support systems including performance tracking

Recommended ready-to-go products

  • Front-end starter kit by Geta
  • Sanity CMS
  • Omnium OMS
  • Optional: inriver PIM


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