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Bluestone PIM is a cutting-edge Product Information Management (PIM) solution designed for global retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. The solution is built using MACH principles for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless technology, Bluestone PIM is a MACH certified software, and the first PIM solution to achieve this. 

Bluestone PIM is a composable PIM enabling innovative and agile enterprises:

  1. MACH-Based: Bluestone PIM is the first certified enterprise MACH-Based PIM. Its microservices-based architecture ensures agility and adaptability.

  2. Cloud-Native & Headless: Bluestone PIM operates in the cloud, freeing you from IT complexities. It’s API-first and headless, allowing seamless integration across channels.

  3. Continuous Improvement: Bluestone PIM are committed to continuous enhancement so you can stay ahead with the latest PIM technology, uninterrupted by regular releases.

  4. Market Reach Expansion: Syndicate your product data effortlessly. Connect to new systems, sales channels, and social media platforms. 

  5. Omnichannel Excellence: Centralize product content for a consistent experience. Whether it’s web, mobile, or marketplaces, Bluestone PIM ensures relevance.

  6. Contextual & Personalized: Tailor content to customer needs. Publish in multiple languages, respecting cultural nuances.

  7. Built on AWS: Bluestone PIM runs on AWS, the world’s most secure cloud platform.

Explore Bluestone PIM and embrace the future of commerce! 🌟

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User friendly

Bluestone PIM comes with a visual and intuitive UI designed for content managers and editors to efficiently manage large volumes of product data. Organize all your data in a clean and clearly connected manner. Navigate through thousands or even millions of products using catalogs, search panel, filtering and tagging features.

Supplier portal

Onboard product data faster with the help of your suppliers and content providers. Give them direct access to selected features, catalogs or product content and save time, scale up and get results faster.


PIM and DAM together – a perfect synergy Store, edit, transfer, manage and protect your digital assets with Bluestone PIM. Centralize all content and enjoy streamlined work with the integrated DAM or connect to external DAM systems.

AI Features

Refine or generate product descriptions with AI precision and speed. Use Bluestone PIM's AI elevates your product descriptions, enriching them with captivating narratives and engaging details.

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