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Inriver is the market leader in Product Information Management (PIM). Inriver PIM lays the foundation for success in a digital trade that is increasingly characterized by omnichannel. Selling in more markets, through new channels and managing complex products does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Together with inriver, we help you succeed and at the same time increase sales.

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Create a unique product experience - in a single platform.

Create, manage, enrich, publish or distribute content to all your sales channels in multiple languages. Do not worry about downtime or software updates. Instead, focus on the user experience that increases conversion. Do not make it more complicated than necessary!

A PIM simplifies the handling of product information if you e.g. have a large or complicated product range, it also makes it possible for those active in omnichannel trading to create, manage and distribute perfect product information to several sales channels in several languages. As a result, B2B and B2C businesses turn product information into a strategic asset at the leading edge of driving revenue.



There are several reasons why the need for PIM solutions is steadily increasing, for example that:

  • Product information is becoming increasingly crucial for purchasing decisions.
  • The sales channels where product information must be available are increasing.
  • Globalization and the need for information in more languages ​​are increasing.
  • Assortments and products are being developed and renewed at an ever faster pace.

A PIM system is a place where all product information is collected, processed and then published to the sales channels where it is needed. A PIM system creates many benefits in the business, such as:

  • Quality and control - everything is updated everywhere.
  • Speed ​​- new products and changes in all channels at once.
  • Unified customer experience - the same information everywhere.
  • Streamlining - simpler editorial work and smoother use of information.

Inriver PIM can be implemented quickly, is easy to use and is very visual. A large number of customers around the world already rely on inriver's platform to manage product information for their global brands.

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