Obtaining a cache dependency key

Mari Jørgensen 10/11/2019 5:13:01 PM

Normally we then want to invalidate the cached model if the current content has changed, i.e. a new version is published.

To achieve this we need to obtain a version cache key using the IContentCacheKeyCreator interface:


However, this will only work if the contentLink provided contains the necessary version info, meaning both the published version and a work id.

The code sample below show how that can be done for catalog node content:

var currentNodeContentLink = _referenceConverter.GetContentLink(catalogNodeId, 
CatalogContentType.CatalogNode, 0); // 0 = published version
var versionCacheKey = GetVersionKey(currentNodeContentLink);


public string GetVersionKey(ContentReference contentLink)
var versionCacheKey = string.Empty;
var latestPublishedVersion = _contentVersionRepository.List(contentLink).ToList()
.FirstOrDefault(v => v.Status == VersionStatus.Published);

if (latestPublishedVersion != null)
// adding current published version to cache key
versionCacheKey = _cacheKeyCreator.CreateVersionCacheKey(latestPublishedVersion.ContentLink);

return versionCacheKey;