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Trouble loading Episerver Find UI

Mari Jørgensen

Recently I came across a strange error where the Find UI inside Episerver CMS failed to load. All of the three menu items returned a "Error reading configuration" error message. This is a (really) short blog post describing how this issue can be resolved.

Find UI

Here is how the Find "Overview" UI looked like:

By looking at the dojo errors in the console I could see that the error occured when Episerver tried to load Search Providers from the Dynamic DataStore. 

The solution

The issue was resolved by remapping the Dynamic DataStore types.
Basically you should create an admin tool that runs the following code: 

 var _dataStoreProviderFactory = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IDataStoreProviderFactory>();
foreach (var storeDefinition in StoreDefinition.GetAll())
var type = TypeResolver.GetType(storeDefinition.StoreName);
if (type != null)
var provider = _dataStoreProviderFactory.Create();
catch (Exception ex)
var error = ex.Message;
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