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Get a solution you can be confident is made by the world's foremost technological people.

Geta's beginning was like a clean technology supplier, and although we offer a significantly broader range of services today, this is still the foundation of Geta. Since day 1 we have built on Episerver's e-commerce solutions, which explain why we are one of the few selected Premium Partners with a focus on commerce. The fact that Geta has the most developers with the honorary title EMVP (Episerver Most Valued Professionals) throughout the world, may explain how good we really are at Episerver? Many of us have worked with a platform for handling product information. Then it's good that we are one of two companies globally holding the highest status of partners, Platinum Partner, at Inriver, and have been named Partner of the Year for several consecutive years. In other words, we take the technology we are working with quite seriously.

The importance of good technological understanding has long been essential for e-commerce. The machine under the hood should not only work optimally today but must also be able to upgrade and expand with new features and design without costing too much time or money. All developers can try and figure out for a good solution, but it requires an expert level to anticipate and plan for the challenges that come later. The fact that 20% of our developers have honorary titles in their specialist areas, must be a good indicator that we have what it takes to deliver sustainable solutions that give you the flexibility to always be in front.

E-commerce is a complex area with many variables and appears much different from customer to customer. This is a known challenge for all vendors, which is why we have seen it necessary to let go of everything else and just focus on e-commerce in everything we do. With more than 40 big projects in the field of e-commerce under the belt and the world's foremost experts, we know the technical solutions so well that it's only you who make up the unknown variables. This reduces unforeseen challenges and creates a solution you know you can be satisfied with.

At Geta, developers work close and spar with specialists from several areas of our organization - be it backend/frontend developers, designers, advisors, marketers or testers. This means that our development includes aspects from several disciplines from an early stage that benefit you directly. Our developers take into account the aesthetic, thanks to designers. They follow upcoming trends and are not afraid to think outside the box, thanks to advisors. The solutions are viewed from a conversion perspective, thanks to marketers, and the solutions are constantly improving thanks to testers. You simply get an even more flexible solution that works and sells better.

Our technological focus areas


We are technology heavy. About 80% of our employees are developers with e-commerce experience. We work with integrations against ERP, CRM, POS, and any other imaginable system you may have. The value lies in our experience and extensive expertise in total e-commerce solutions.

Architecture and Infrastructure

No, it's not just adding a "Add to Basket" button. When creating an online store, you must build an infrastructure between your systems. At the same time, the web shop itself must have a good arch architecture that makes it easy to find the products. We help you see "whole drawing." That way, you can customize the solution to your needs, and not vice versa.

Geta Commerce

We have built our own platform, Geta Commerce, on the Episerver platform. You benefit from our experiences from customers like Hypertherm, Coop, Cubus, KTM and more. Thousands of development hours have gone into the starter package, which will provide you with a fast, safe and scalable solution that quickly gains ROI.

Product Enrichment

Many of our customers have a extensive product range. It is often time consuming to maintain everything. Photos, ERP system, some spreadsheets here and a database there. Everything has to be collected, updated and sent to catalogs, web, advertising materials, etc. That results in quite many hours. Our PIM solutions save you both time and money.

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