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Geta’s mission is “With the right people, technology and innovation - we create the future of commerce”.

The technical landscape is a core element of successful commerce operations, and putting together technical solutions that convert is one of our strengths in Geta.

We offer solution architects and commerce advisors that will analyze and map out the optimal business architecture and processes for your company.

The right people with the best technology

In Geta - we work in cross-disciplinary specialist teams of developers, designers, advisors, marketers and testers. We make sure all important aspects are taken into consideration in our projects.

Geta has 100% focus on commerce. This is reflected in our commerce experts, our customer base and our preferred solution partners.

We work with technology platforms that are flexible and allow for customized integration with your company’s unique architecture and business needs.

Optimizely (previously Episerver)

Geta has provided Optimizely solutions to a global market for over a decade, and we are one of few Optimizely partners that focuse fully on the commerce related parts of the solution platform. We provide a market-tested and function-rich Starter Kit for Optimizely Commerce that makes it possible to go live within weeks. Our developers are all experienced with the solution and that combined with the fact that Geta have the most developers with the honorary title OMVP (Optimizely Most Valuable Professionals) in the world - you should be in safe hands selecting Geta as your Optimizely provider. Read more about Optimizely here.

Inriver PIM

Inriver provides an exceptional product information management system and is one of our other primary technology partners. Geta is an inriver Platinum Partner and have been named Partner of the Year for several consecutive years. We deliver successful projects across multiple markets and have close ties to the inriver company through our participation in the inriver Champions Program. Read more about inriver here.

Omnium OMS

Omnium provides a market leading order management system that helps us bridge the gap between physical and digital commerce. It is very flexible and allows us to create efficient integrations between core solutions in the commerce architecture. Furthermore it allows us to create optimal processes for customer service, logistics, sales operatives and other commerce related functions - which again is the foundation for a great customer experience. Geta is an Omnium partner and delivers Omnium solutions and integrations across technical platforms. Read more about Omnium here.

We can help you!

In Geta - technology is core and we take it quite seriously. If you are in need of architecture advice, need help choosing platforms, need to go live fast with one of our accelerator packs or if you need advice around building up your own technical department - contact us and see what we can do for you.

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