Geta Commerce Cloud

Geta Commerce Cloud is a headless, cloud-based e-commerce solution for B2C and B2B. The solution is component-based and built on modern micro-architecture. It is built on Geta's extensive experience in online shopping, is scalable and adapted to omnichannel - ready for the future.


Get started quickly


Geta Commerce Cloud has the functionality that allows you to get started with your online store quickly. Geta Commerce Cloud reduces both time and costs for project implementation and operation compared to similar solutions.


Flexible solution, built for growth


The solution is built to grow in step with your company and gives you the opportunity to focus on optimal operations without being hindered by technical challenges.


Standard or customized design


The solution is designed so that it is both easy to implement the brand's "look and feel" without major adjustments - and at the same time it is possible to design completely unique expressions for unique customer journeys.


Expand into new markets


Geta Commerce Cloud has support for several markets with the option to define country, language, currency, VAT, payment and delivery options.


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