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Geta takes on the USA

With Hypertherm, Geta has landed the company’s first major American project. And it certainly won’t be the last.

Hypertherm has its origins in plasma metal cutting equipment, and a continual focus on quality and providing multi-technology industrial cutting solutions has made the company a major global manufacturer in the industry.

The global company, which has its headquarters in New Hampshire, continues to have a vision for further growth and providing customers with better industrial cutting outcomes. One of the ways to help achieve this goal is to provide them with a website that offers information that they need,  that aligns with the buying cycle and is easier to use. For this, they needed assistance from Geta.

Global solution

Phase one was delivered in June, and transitioned Hypertherm from a solution with static pages over to a more robust platform built on Episerver.

The solution is adapted to the company’s global presence. Solutions that function seamlessly across international borders are naturally the key to success – especially for a market with offices in 20-30 countries and regional content in a total of 12 different languages. 

“When we entered the process Hypertherm had already chosen EPIServer as the platform. They considered around ten partners. We had just established an office in New York, and were the chosen supplier for technical architecture, integrations and Episerver implementation,” says Frederik Vig, head of Geta’s operations in the USA.

The assignment started in August 2015, and phase one was completed on 1 June 2016. Phase two is now underway.

Much easier with the Geta solution

“The resulting site was a resounding success, providing customers with a better tool to learn about our company, products and services as well as for internal teams to create content and develop new functionality.,” says Colin Higbie, responsible for customer experiences and IT outsourcing at Hypertherm.

“Our website will be of increasing importance to us as customers seek information on the web with increasing frequency. Geta continues to play a key role in helping make that a reality.”

Hypertherm’s representative believes Geta will do well in the USA:

“Two of the main challenges for any non-US company doing business in the US are the time zone and language. Neither of these has even been an issue at all in working with Geta,” says Higbie.

Higbie describes Geta as easy to work with and extremely competent in everything to do with Episerver.

“Geta was easy to work with and absolutely knowledgeable about all EPiServer issues. We had some questions for the Episerver company where even they asked Geta for assistance”,  says Higbie.