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Problemsolvers for Varner Retail

"Geta is our preferred partner for Episerver Commerce. When we meet challenging technical issues, we pass it on to Geta", says Claire Sharp Sundt.

Varner has worked closely with Geta since 2013. Resources from Geta have been building and operating online stores for Cubus, Dressmann, Bik Bik, Urban, Carlings, and Days Like This.

Back-end development across chains, brands and challenges

Although Cubus, Dressmann and Bik Boks online stores have great variety in design and content, they are built on a common platform, where logistics, orders, integrations and logic are built on the same basis. Geta has contributed with their expertise to address the unique issues of stock, price, size, orders and integrations, meanwhile building the architecture in a way that makes the solution usable on all their online shops.

Getas knowledge

"For us it was about which heads we got to work with.  Geta contributed with a team that made things twice as fast, asked critical questions, gave valuable advice into the development process and proved to be real problem solvers. It is important for us to have access to "heads" who work at the edge of what is technically possible to develop, and we feel we got that  expertise in Geta "says Claire.

"We trust the screening process they do before they hire and we feel prioritized with an extremely high level of expertise.  Geta is a good place to work, and this is something we value very highly since stability is important to us. It is very costly to replace the knowledge Mari and Martin in Geta are sitting with. "

Mari and Martin have been working with the team in Varner Retail since 2013 and find it rewarding to work for a customer who dare to invest in the latest technology.

Geta is also involved in Varners focus on omnichannel. Egil André is working on developing a solution that connects physical stores with online purchases. 

"Geta has been a supporter for us. They take all the difficult challenges and I contact Geta when I need  skilled resources", concludes Claire.

"Nerdy" info about the project:

The solution is based on Episerver Commerce, Episerver CMS, Episerver Find and InRiver.

We have been involved in most parts of the solution - integration between Episerver Commerce and payment systems, display and indexing products in Episerver Find, search, shopping cart, order management as well as implementation of html in Episerver CMS.  In addition, we have helped with advice on architecture and process flow.