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Dressmann XL and Cubus– open 24/7

In the autumn of 2013 we launched the Varner group online stores for Cubus and Dressmann XL. Geta has played a key role in the development of Varner's online stores.

Open around the clock

«Varner's goal is to be number 1 in textile sales online. This project is therefore critical business for us,» says Claire Sharp Sundt, Project Manager of Digital Media at Varner Gruppen.

After a lengthy process internally to select the best e-commerce solution, Varner chose in December 2012 EPiServer Commerce with Geta as one of the main suppliers. More and more people choose to make their purchases from your couch, even when it comes to clothing purchases. Varner is therefore taking steps to get the market to meet.

«In Varner Digital Media, we want to work with suppliers who see themselves as a partner and not just a supplier. We hope that together we create the best possible solution with the means available, and it does not necessarily mean "customer" is always right. Fortunately for us, Geta is such a type of partner. Geta gives me inspiration to solve technical problems in new ways and I feel safe that we get quality round solution that is sustainable and maintainable.» -Claire Sharp Sundt, Varner Digital Media.

Geta is proud to have contributed to one of Norway's largest textile group can offer its customers an efficient and safe way to shop for clothes online.

«It's just fun to work with a customer who dare to invest in the latest technology. This has been a very exciting project with a customer who challenges us» says Mari Jørgensen, team leader in Geta. In addition to Mari, Martin and Valdis from Geta contributed actively in this project.

The solution is based on EPiServer Commerce, EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Find and InRiver.

Geta has delivered integration between EPiServer Commerce and payment systems, display and indexing of products in EPiServer Find and implementation of HTML in EPiServer CMS. We have also helped with advice on architecture and process flow.

Varner og Geta

This is how we continue in 2014

  • Launching in several countries
  • New online shops for other Varner chains