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User insight, data and technology is the basis for creating great customer experiences and increased conversions. Do you have the right tools to reach your goals? 

With huge amounts of data available in most organisations, a proactive and strategic approach to data management, analytics and data driven marketing is key for success. Data and analytics is at the heart of what we do in Geta, and we treat data and insight as one of the most important assets for achieving your business goals.


Tailored commerce platforms

Based on specific business needs, we help our clients build flexible and modular commerce platforms that are aimed at unifying and utilizing data through all your systems and customer channels. Headless technologies, microservices and composable set-ups are making data accessible across business units and making a strong impact on the overall customer experience.

We aim to collect, process and make data from all areas of your operation accessible. This will help you enhance business performance, make better decisions and personalize the customer experiences across digital channels and physical stores.

Data-driven customer journey

We strongly believe that a customer journey can only successfully be impacted by proper data-driven actions.

With a rich insight in user-centric data, we are able to see what drives customers to your solutions. Understanding user behaviour in different marketing channels lets us know how we should treat each channel in our planning to generate the right kind of traffic.

The vast data we can access from owned solutions gives a full understanding of both quality and quantity of conversions. With this knowledge, the correct actions can be taken to turn negative trends or keep driving positive change.

Proper data understanding and utilization remains as important even after conversion. Data-based insights such as what message will bring the most engagement from your newsletter, or which customers are more likely to churn will help us drive the right type of actions. Working with loyalty without a data focused standpoint, means missing out on happy and loyal customers.


Customer insight and performance

A unified and complete view of each customer makes tailored content, personalised product recommendations and true 1:1 marketing a reality.

Using cutting edge technology, seamless integrations and placing the customer at the center of the digital ecosystem, we can enable AI, machine learning, experiments and analytics to tailor content and messages to each customer. Making every interaction with your company more relevant and personal, leads to enhanced business results and creates great experiences and loyal customers.

We do know that a lot of businesses already have a number of different marketing and CRM tools available. These systems are often detached from each other, resulting in siloed data and missed opportunities to enhance performance and marketing spend.

Our core approach is to create a solid foundation of detailed tracking collecting customer data, using analytics to fully understand user behaviour and always keep optimizing and experiment on every piece of content, visual, message and experience. This is how we help businesses and brands grow!

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