Let's figure out what, how and when

Every digital investment and transformation should be based on insight and a clear strategy that contributes to the company's business goals. In Geta, we focus on creating clear & executable digital strategies for commerce focused businesses. 

Let our commerce advisors help you see clearly what needs to be done, and when to do it.

Insight & analysis

Through insight & analysis we map out where you are coming from and where you aim to go. We will identify and map out visions, plans and high level goals for your digital initiative.

Goals, KPIs and roadmaps

We identify all the bits and pieces needed in order to succeed and work out good, executable plans by linking each individual sub-initiative to goals, KPIs and useful roadmaps - a vital key for future success.

A strategic framework to grow in

We iterate - our framework is designed to adapt to changes and re-prioritization based on operational experience. We will continuously readjust our plans to findings from the customer journey, advances of the technical platform, changes in your organization in terms of people & processes and the outcome of our data driven growth analysis.

With our process and framework we are able to follow through in all stages of your business venture - optimizing follow-up on profit extraction goals.

The digital transformation is underway!

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“Geta is an important strategic partner for us. We have good relationships at all levels in our collaboration, and we work together from a long-term perspective,” says Arvid Tennefoss, CIO at Nille.

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Torodd Gundersen

Team Lead Experience & Design