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Are you looking for a good online store? Want to succeed in eCommerce? Or do you want more control over the content on your website? Geta can help you with both publishing solutions (Episerver CMS) and ecommerce (Episerver Commerce) .


We deliver:

Geta Commerce

We have built our own platform Geta Commerce Episerver platform. You will benefit from our experience from customers such as Felleskjøpet, Coop, Cubus, Dressmann and others. Thousands of development hours have gone into the starter kit, which will give you a fast, safe and scalable solution for quick ROI.


We are technology heavy. Approximately 80% of our employees are developers with e-commerce experience. We work with integrations such as ERP, CRM, POS, and all other conceivable systems you may have. The value lies in our experience and high competence in e-commerce solutions.

Architecture and Infrastructure

No, it's not just adding an "Add to cart" button. When you create an online store you need to build an infrastructure between your systems. At the same time the online store needs a good architecture to make it easy to find products. We help you to see "the total picture". That way you can customize the solution to your needs, and not vice versa.


We help you with your digital strategy. Why should you have an e-commerce solution? Is your commerce solution the core of your business, or are you going to combine it with physical stores? We help you to think Omnichannel and highlight the opportunities for In-store solutions.

Design and user experience

Without a fantastic user experience, you will not stand out in the crowd of international ecommerce sites. Through our network of partners we can help you with interaction design, graphic design and user experience that makes your customers return to your webshop.


Good content equals selling products. We deliver our e-commerce solutions built on the Episerver Commerce platform. This platform has both commerce and publishing system (CMS) integrated in one solution, giving you fantastic opportunities to integrate content and your product range in an elegant and seamless way. And you will increase your sales!

Hosting and customer fulfillment services

With us you are never alone. We will look after you over time and make sure you constantly have an operational webshop that can be scaled to your needs. We host your solution by using personnel with extended knowledge and expertise in your solution.

Product enrichment

Many of our customers have an extensive product range. It is often time-consuming to maintain everything; photos, ERP system, excel sheets and databases. It is time-consuming to collect, update and submit to directories, web, advertising material etc. Our PIM solutions save you both time and money.

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Need advice or discuss your ecommerce solution? Maybe you want a price quote, apply for a job or just grab a coffee or coke with us? You are welcome to contact us.