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God fortsättning önskar Geta

D-congress 2024 var större än någonsin och måste nog ändå ses som en jätte-succé för både utställare, talare och besökare. Vi på Geta kunde inte vara nöjdare! Vilken respons och vilken glädje som mötte oss i vår monter! 🎄🌟 🎅🏻🎄🧑🏼‍🎄🌟🎄

Charlotte Tyldhed

Geta partners with Occtoo to fuel digital commerce solutions

Geta and Occtoo have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at harnessing their individual strengths to deliver exceptional digital commerce solutions to their shared clientele. Together, Occtoo and Geta are poised to revolutionize the digital commerce landscape.

Geta helps Sprell build their new e-commerce solution

Sprell were early adopters of online shopping, and now they see a need to upgrade their solutions, to make them more modern and more scalable.

Åse Østmoen

What's in a name?

Product naming in an omnichannel retail environment is important. Here’s some tips on what to consider, and how to work setting up a good process for product naming. And some tips on what not to do.

Claire Sharp Sundt

Your checkout is not an escape room

This post is about how and why we worked with customer Skeidar on improving delivery options and what the results were.

Claire Sharp Sundt

Optimizely Partner Awards

We won the award "The Modules of the year" at the Optimizely Partner Awards 2022, for creating some of the best and most used open source modules in the Optimizely community.

Åse Østmoen

Norengros is building a new service platform with Geta

Geta has entered into a collaboration with Norengros, where together we will build a new platform for their e-commerce solution with Geta Commerce Cloud, Sanity, Omnium and inriver PIM.

Åse Østmoen

New collaboration with ÖoB

We are excited to share that we are entering into a collaboration with Swedish retailer and well known brand ÖoB, to help them build their new online store based on Optimizely, and also upgrade their inriver solution.

Christian Öman