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What's in a name?

Product naming in an omnichannel retail environment is important. Here’s some tips on what to consider, and how to work setting up a good process for product naming. And some tips on what not to do.

Claire Sharp Sundt

IndexNow - Sustainable Search Engine Indexing

IndexNow is a way of informing search engines that an URL and the content on the page have either been added, removed, or simply updated, letting the search engine know immediately when you have updated your web pages.

Johan Schage

The E-Commerce Manager’s Guide to Black Friday

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, we have the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday. First tip in our guide: start early, make a plan.

Kjetil Ullsgård

Custom Episerver Commerce Product/Variant router

Just wanted to share a custom Epi Commerce hierarchical router that I'm using in a project where we have a Product -> Variant structure. All variants in the catalog belong to a product and a product can have one or multiple variants.

Mattias Olsson

Geta.SEO.Sitemaps updated

A couple of weeks ago I made some updates to our open source plugin for EPiServer, Geta.SEO.Sitemaps, a tool to generate Google XML sitemaps. This blog post is sort of a changelog for these updates.

Mattias Olsson

Simple URL keeper for EPiServer

Here's a little code sample that is useful for when you need to perform an automatic redirect after content is moved in EPiServer, to avoid getting a bunch of 404's.

Frederik Vig

Issue in Geta.SEO.Sitemaps fixed

Today I fixed an issue in our open source plugin for EPiServer 7.5, Geta.SEO.Sitemaps, a tool to generate Google XML sitemaps. The issue occurred when you had one site mapped to multiple hosts with different language branches. Only the sitemap for the main SiteUrl worked (although displaying links to all language branches which is not desired) and the other hosts resulted in a 404.

Mattias Olsson

7 tips når du skal velge publiseringsløsning

For å stikke hull på ballongen med en gang – ja, jeg jobber i Geta og Geta er EPiServer Premuim Solution Partner. Så da burde kanskje innlegget hete «hvorfor velge EPiServer»? Feil. Jeg lover etter beste evne å være så objektiv som mulig, og jeg lover å kun gi deg noen generelle tips og ideer som du må tenke på når du velger CMS, eller publiseringsløsning om du vil. Jeg skal til og med gi eksempler på andre CMS som kan være riktige for deg. Å velge feil, kan nemlig koste deg dyrt.