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Norengros is building a new service platform with Geta

Geta has entered into a collaboration with Norengros, where together we will build a new platform for their e-commerce solution with Geta Commerce Cloud, Sanity, Omnium and inriver PIM.

Åse Østmoen

New collaboration with ÖoB

We are excited to share that we are entering into a collaboration with Swedish retailer and well known brand ÖoB, to help them build their new online store based on Optimizely, and also upgrade their inriver solution.

Christian Öman

Geta is inriver Partner of the Year - again!

Today we are celebrating that inriver has awarded us Partner of the Year - again! For six consecutive years we have received the award Partner of the Year - Norway.

Åse Østmoen

Five tips for omnichannel success

Claire Sharp Sundt

Install multiple instances of inRiver PIM

When you are working on several inRiver PIM projects simultaneously, you find yourself in need of switching between them from time to time. One option is to change the configuration files and restart inRiver services and website. A better option is have multiple instances of inRiver PIM running on the same system. This way you can easily access the desired instance for configurations, developing and demos. This is a walk-through on how to set up multiple instances of inRiver PIM on the same system.

Pål Christian Odlo

Episerver Commerce and PIM

When working with advanced e-commerce solutions as a developer or consultant you quickly get introduced to the acronym PIM: Product Information Management. What is it and why would you want one as part of your Episerver e-commerce project?

PIM - Product Information Management

De fleste som driver med varehandel har nok opplevd det: Du har en excelfil med litt produktinfo her, en bildebank der, noe tekst på en epost, og ikke minst pris, lagerbeholdning og litt til samlet i et ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning) og POS-system (Point-of-Sale / checkout) med mer. Så ganger vi alt dette opp med antall produkter du har, og at du skal sende deler av infoen til forskjellige kanaler; avisannonser, nettsider, kataloger med mer. Kort fortalt; du ender opp med det vi på godt norsk kan kalle innholds-spaghetti.